Matt Warring

Matt is originally from the UK and was fortunate enough to be brought up in the mountains of the Lake District and be introduced to skiing and climbing at a very young age through his parents. His passion for these activities strengthened over the years, and was the sole reason he decided to move to BC 8 years ago. Since then, he has worked in the outdoor industry.  When asked why he works with us, Matt’s own words are best. “The industry enables me to stay connected to the outdoor community, nerd out on gear and still have plenty of time to climb and ski. Once I became a permanent resident of Canada, I celebrated by hitting the road for a few years, traveling and climbing in many of the places I had dreamed of visiting. Having lived this transient lifestyle, I am now stoked to be permanently based in the best place on earth; working for a company that truly values the importance of a healthy balance between work and play. After all, the local ski touring and climbing tick list only seems to get bigger and as each new season starts up, that buzz of excitement is just as strong.

We are super glad to have Matt as an integral part of our team!