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Banff Mountain Film Festival - The Must-Sees

Posted by Vince Shuley on 2/2/2016 to Events
Banff Mountain Film Festival - The Must-Sees
Here at Escape Route we're big fans of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. For well over 15 years we've been hosting the Sea to Sky edition of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, bringing the best in mountain culture, art and expression from adventurous souls around the world.

The 2015/16 edition of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is no exception, offering an eclectic mix of adventures from all walks of mountain pursuits. To help whet your appetite, we've chosen six of our favourite films that you can catch at our Squamish screening or one of our two nights of shows in Whistler.

Eclipse - Overcoming the Odds 

(Squamish Feb 11, Whistler Feb 13)
We're not just favouring Anthony Bonello and Switchback Entertainment because they're local Whistler filmmakers, the crew was also awarded Best Film in the Snow Sports category. Eclipse follows the relentless pursuit of photographer Reuben Krabbe as he attempts to capture the image of a skier in front of a total solar eclipse. The catch? There's an overwhelmingly high chance that this particular day on the arctic island of Svalbard will turn out to be cloudy.

Reel Rock 10: A Line Across the Sky 

(Squamish Feb 11, Whistler Feb 13)
A film for the climbers. With so many of the world's biggest mountains already climbed, climbers now look for creative ways to push themselves and come home fulfilled. Tommy Caldwell had the belief that it was possible to complete the traverse of the seven major summits of the Fitz Roy Skyline in Patagonia. In February, 2014 he teamed up with Alex Honnold for the attempt during a rare weather window with nothing but a sleeping bag and down jacket each, a rack of cams and minimal food four days. A Line Across the Sky won best Film in the Climbing category. 

Curiosity - Revealing the running hurt 

(Squamish Feb 11, Whistler Feb 13)
Mountain filmmakers Camp 4 Collective explore the world of 100-mile ultra marathons and the people who dedicate their lives to ultra distance trail running. Follow Rory Bosio, Timothy Olson and Hal Hoerner as they prepare for and attempt one of the world's most gruelling running races, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. Will their Curiosity get the best of them?

Unbranded - Where the Wild Things Are 

(Whistler Feb 12)
In this special edit version of the 2015 film, Unbranded follows a group of four cowboys as they journey 5,000 kilometres from Mexico to Canada with 16 wild mustang horses. The land they cover throughout the American West will both fortify and challenge these men as they attempt a symbolic gesture to save America's wild horses still roaming on public land. 

The Important Places - Relevant Reflections

(Whistler Feb 12)
A son peels back the layers of documented history to discover the past life of his father and the "important places" of our lives. The two embark on a journey down the Colorado River - the same trip his father did 40 years - to find the secret piece of the puzzle of life's important places.

Chasing Niagra - Waterfall Dreams 

(Whistler Feb 12)
Will Gadd may have climbed Niagra Falls during the winter ice, but Rafa Ortiz says he wants to be the first one to paddle over it in his kayak. Deciding to drop the granddaddy of all waterfalls sends Ortiz and his team on a two year journey throughout Mexico and the American Northwest, before avoiding local police in Canada and facing his one last demon. This special edit won Best Film in Mountain Sports with its thrilling footage and story of conquering - and embracing - fear.

For full lists of all films at this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival or to purchase tickets click here.

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