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Demo Ski Touring Setups on sale

Posted by Vince Shuley on 4/13/2016 to Announcements
Demo Ski Touring Setups on sale
To view and purchase our 2017/18 ex-demo fleet, please visit our Demo Gear Sale page.

Any way you slice it, ski touring gear isn't cheap. By the time you add up a pair of skis, touring bindings and a set of skins the bill can already be approaching (or exceeding) $1,500. That's not counting a pair of touring boots with the all-important walk mode and tech binding inserts. 
One way to curb the investment of shiny new ski touring setup is to buy used. And as much as we encourage our customers to buy new gear from us, we also understand people need a more affordable option sometimes. Every spring Escape Route briefly enters the used ski touring equipment market with our demo fleet. These are skis mounted with adjustable bindings that have been used as rentals in our Whistler and Squamish stores this past winter. All skis have been waxed and tuned and all bindings are in excellent working condition and ready for spring touring when you are!

To break up the line up of available skis we have separated them into a three categories.

The Starter Kit

G3 District 100 (192cm) w/ Marker Tour F12 and G3 Momix skins. A bargain at $599.

So you've got some friends getting into backcountry and you're sick of being left behind in the resort. You don't want to spend your entire season's savings and aren't ready to commit to upgrading your alpine boots just yet. The G3 District 100 (192cm) mounted with Marker Tour F12 binding is a versatile setup that can be used with alpine boots, or touring boots when that upgrade arrives. The ski has plenty of flotation with positive camber and rockered tip and tail for easy maneuvering in powder and mixed backcountry snow conditions. All at a competitive price of $599 including a set of G3 Momix skins. For an even more affordable ski touring starter kit we have an older G3 Infidel 97 (185cm) mounted with a Diamir Freeride Pro binding (not pictured). That pair is going for $499 with a pair of Black Diamond Ascension skins.

The Digging Deeper Kit

You are looking for a setup that can handle big days or multi-day trips in the backcountry. Weight savings are important, but not at the expense of downhill performance. You have tech binding compatible boots at the ready or are willing to shell out for that purchase to increase your walking efficiency. The following setups cater to a mid-range price point with freeride-capable tech bindings which can be skied in the resort without apprehension.

Dynafit Chugach (181cm) with Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 binding and G3 Alpinist skins. $899

The Dynafit Chugach is a departure from Dynafit's traditional featherweight build. At 107mm underfoot and shaped with "Double Elliptical Rocker," these skis will perform in powder as well as steep and exposed lines when the snow can quickly change to hard ice and crust.

Go for the G3 trifecta with Boundary 100 (178cm) ski,  Ion 10 binding and Alpinist skins. $899

The Boundary 100 has been designated to the lightweight freeride category and paired with a G3 Ion 10 binding, it certainly achieves the reduced lift on the skin track. The early rise tip and lower profile rocker tail together with that weight saving makes makes the Boundary more of a backcountry specialist with the ability to handle mixed snow conditions.

Dynafit Denali (184cm) with Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 binding and Dynafit Speedskins. $899

The little brother to the Chugach, the Denali comes at a 98mm waist and slightly lighter build. The Speedskins are of the randonee racing ilk, so be ready to glide faster and easier than your friends on synthetic skins.

The Fast and Light Freeride Kit

At this point with your ski touring you know exactly what you want - carbon! Light yet incredibly stiff, skis with carbon sheets in their laminate last longer than traditional fiberglass constructions and are becoming the standard for big backcountry missions. These setups are a bit more pricey, but the extended performance life of carbon skis makes the investment well worth it.  

 [SOLD] G3 Empire 115 Carbon (178cm) with G3 Ion 10 binding and G3 Alpinist skins. $999

The award-winning Empire 115 is G3's lightweight freeride silver bullet of the backcountry. Rockered tip and tail and generous 115mm waist, this ski will handle the deepest days with enough shape to stay playful and versatile when snow conditions deteriorate. A formidable setup to for slaying big lines and breaking trail.

DPS Wailer 112RP2 Pure3 (178cm) with G3 Ion 12 bindings and G3 Alpinist skins. $1399

The DPS Wailer 112RP2 never ceases to amaze skiers with its unmatched versatility and performance in almost any condition. DPS are pioneers of carbon construction and pride themselves on their skis maintaining a stiff flex profile for the entire life of the ski (something our staff can attest to). One of the lightest setups on this list, the Pure3 version of the Wailer 112RP2 is the flagship model from DPS which has won more awards than this blog can list. Not a small investment, but one that will more than pay off in the long run.

Bonus Round

DPS Wailer 105 HybridT2 (178cm) with Marker Warden bindings. $899 

So this isn't a touring setup, but a ski worthwhile considering for everyday skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. The DPS Wailer 105 HybridT2 offers a traditional shape in fibreglass and titanal construction to offer uncompromised stiffness. At home slaying groomers, steep powder and everything in between, if you're looking for a classic shape and camber profile for your daily resort driver, this ski could be your calling.

All skis are located at our Whistler store. Come by to check them out or call us at 604-938-3228
Happy spring!  



David dearin
Posted on:: 11/1/2016
Are any of the demo ski touring setups still available?
Posted on:: 1/29/2017
Hey there, Just wondering if there are any demo skis still available??
Ryan Rebelato
Posted on:: 1/17/2018
Hey I was wondering if you had any used touring bindings for sale ?

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