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Diamir Vipec 12 TUV Bindings

Diamir Vipec 12 TUV Bindings

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Fritschi is redefining pin bindings. In terms of walking comfort and weight, the SAFETY PIN SYSTEM combines the advantages of the technical concept of alpine bindings with those of pin bindings.

Precise and safe control of skis

In the back, where the highest forces are acting in downhill skiing, the Vipec 12 stays rigid, similar to an alpine binding. In turning, the power transmission of conventional pin bindings is interrupted by the heel unit’s rotating movements for the lateral release.

Lateral release in front and stable heel unit in back

The lateral release occurs in the front where the lateral forces are acting during a fall. The boot is freed immediately. In the other pin bindings, the boot is released in the back via a rotating heel unit. The boot is not released until it pushes open the clamping mechanism in the front.

Releasing only if necessary

The combination of the long dynamic path of 13 mm with consistent high tension prevents an unwanted release. The acting forces are absorbed over the long path via the high tension until the preset releasing force is reached. If the effect of the force decreases within the 13 mm path, the binding is reset to the starting position. In other pin bindings, the tension is not consistently high or the dynamic path is shorter, resulting in an unwanted release or reduced power transmission.

Solid support while climbing and safety in an emergency

The boot is fixed and held in the middle, but the binding will release in response to high active forces. Clamping systems must be blocked while climbing to ensure stability.

Safety in any terrain and in all conditions

Switching from downhill to uphill mode and vice versa is very simple with a pole without having to step out of the binding. The three ergonomically synchronized walk mode levels can also be changed in no time with a pole. No other pin binding offers this level of comfort in all functions.

The lightest TUV certificate

Light high-tech plastics and high-quality metal alloys allow superior stability and light weight. In many applications, plastics provide higher stability and durability than metals. The right mix makes the difference for maximum performance and the lightest possible weight.

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