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Introducing the DPS Wailer 106

Posted by Vince Shuley on 1/6/2016 to Announcements
Introducing the DPS Wailer 106
One ski brand that's never been short in the innovation department is DPS. From the ultra-specific deep powder Spoon to the daily resort and backcountry driver the Wailer 112RP2, over the last eleven years this small batch American ski company has penetrated every segment of the ski market. That trend continues in 2016 with the introduction of the DPS Wailer 106; the ultimate sweet spot for those looking to shrink their quiver into one ski or complement an already-established arsenal. 

The Wailer family has exceeded every expectation since the introduction of the original Wailer 112 in 2011 then again with the Wailer 99 the following year. With a slew of Buyer's Guides and Skier's Choice awards behind them, the DPS Wailer 106 now stands as the Wailer family's middle sibling. A little more versatile in deeper snow than the 99 and a touch more agile for mixed snow than the 112RP2, the Wailer 106 holds the best of both worlds with a firm grasp. The 3-D PaddleTech geometry is back, as well as construction in both Pure3 and Tour1 builds. But DPS have another surprise in store for 2016; it's called Foundation.

DPS Wailer 106 Foundation
The DPS Wailer 106 in Foundation construction. The Foundation build features tuned flexes that allows effortless turn initiation.

As a brand new construction category, Foundation has been reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up. Featuring a core of bamboo and poplar, triaxial fibreglass with embedded unidirectional carbon as well as DPS' tried and tested World Cup race bases and UHMW sidewalls, this new class of build is available in every model from the Cassiar 82mm all the way up to the new Lotus 124.

DPS Wailer 106 skis
The new DPS models for 2016. Lotus 124 Pure3, Wailer 106 Tour1, Wailer 106 Foundation, Wailer 106 Pure3 and Zelda 106 Foundation

A couple of weeks ago, Escape Route hosted the event DPS: Past, Present and Future where locals and DPS fans were treated to a sneak peek of the new Wailer 106 lineup. The crowd was suitably impressed but also responded with questions on why this ski can or should replace their existing Wailer 112RP2s or 99s. The short answer is you'll have to try the Wailer 106 for yourself! We're getting out on a pair of the Foundation Wailer 106s in the next few days, so look out for the full review on our blog soon.

DPS event
Escape Route owner James Retty addresses DPS fans at the Whistler store on December 19

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