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Rubble Creek Classic Has Run its Course

Posted by James Retty on 9/1/2017 to Events
Rubble Creek Classic Has Run its Course

Hello all,

A sad but wise keyboard is typing out this note.  Our Rubble Creek Classic should fade into the year books.

This run was started by Wayne Wong a few decades ago as an underground trail run for the hearty.  The Escape Route took it over 20 years ago and has organized and professionalized the run.  We got the permits, got Parks on board and introduced this great run to hundreds of people.  The 24 k run had two big hills, the cinder flats, a river crossing and spectacular views.  We have run it in the heat, the rain and the snow.  We haven’t had any serious injuries but our fair share of tumbles, bee stings and sore knees the next day.  This will remain the classic run of the corridor.

Garibaldi Park has been getting busier and busier.  Our “Pack it out 150” (our facebook event where we galvanized hikers to pack out the garbage we find on the trails) has been very well received and needed.  While it is great to see new people on the trails some of them don’t yet have the respect they need to keep these spectacular places incredible for the next back country travelers. Over the years I have watched as more and more people were on the trail while we were doing our run.  The trail is getting too busy for us to host this run. So we won’t. The organized Rubble Creek Classic has run it’s course. You should still do this run with your friends as it is such a classic. In fact run it the last weekend of Sept with some of your old Rubble Creek  classic swag as a “blast from the past”

There are so many great organized runs in the corridor that no one should be left wanting.  The Coast Mountain Trail series is a close partner of ours and they do the best job I have seen.  Get out there and enjoy their runs.

Thanks for all the memories and the good times and run on!  Come in to check out our new Alpine Demo centre in Whistler.  Ski touring and Split boards in the winter, trail running, hiking and paddleboards in the summer. With a drive up location beside the Keg in the Saint Andrew’s House in Whistler.

James Retty

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