Escape Route stays open

Important message to our customers and friends!

The Mountains and outdoor spaces provide comfort, peace and connection. We want you to be healthy to enjoy them.

To keep us all healthy, last week we implemented special cleaning protocols. We now complete a disinfectant wipe each hour. This covers all “touch” surfaces both front of house and back. We limit the number of people in our stores at one time and we encourage our staff to self-isolate if they have any concerns.

We know the mountains are therapy. The best thing you can do in times like these is to go outside for a hike, a ski tour or a snowshoe. It would be good to be extra careful while out now. We don’t want to tax SAR or health care facilities because you decided to “send” that sketchy line. Be smart, enjoy the outdoors. The physical exercise will keep you healthy, the mental grounding will keep you sane and the social connections will keep us all strong. We are staying open to help people enjoy this. Be tolerant, look after each other and wash your hands.

March 16, 2020