Personal Gear Guide

Let our most qualified and experienced staff members work with you from the comfort of your home.  Using Zoom meetings we will talk with you over video link to secure the best gear for your adventures.  The staff we have chosen each have at least a decade of touring, guiding and or retail experience. They are the best.  You get to pick the brain of these experienced outdoor individuals and see all the of gear we have to offer.  Meet one to one with our staff and skip those darn chat boxes, sounds awesome?

To start your Personal Gear Guide experience, you will answer a few pre questions and give us a couple of 30-minute blocks that work for you.  We will then send you a zoom link , with the time, as a confirmation.  By booking the consultation we lock up your spot.  At our meeting we will discuss and discover the best gear for your adventures.  As you make choices from our inventory these items will be put into a quote which will be valid for 24 hours.  We then e-mail you the quote, you simply accept it, process the gear in your shopping cart and we then send it out the door, easy.

Our goal here is to bring our 30 years of specialty shop expertise in the safety of your own home, via the internet.  So much better than old school chat lines.

Thanks for trying this service, we are here to get you outside!